Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our New Family Member

Went to the pet shop on Friday and fell in love.  Took Kristen after school and she fell in love too.  So she rang her dad and begged like she has never done before and we now have a Bichon / Mini Poodle X called Snowy

Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's Been A While and Lots Of Happenings

Wow I haven't posted for nearly two months.  So what have I been doing? Since my last post I ventured to Mystery Creek with Kristen and she competed at the New Zealand Gymsport National Championships.  She competed in the Trampoline and done pretty well.  2nd in 13-14yr Syncro; 7th in 13-14yr Double-Mini (with a major save on her last pass) and 10th in 13-14 yr Individual Trampoline and this one was a very close one with 0.2 seperating between 6th to 10th before finals.

Also I have been sewing a couple of item for the Home Industries section for the local A&P Show a couple of weeks ago.  I got a 1st in the Small Wall Hanging.  The pattern came with a button swap I done a few months ago on the Craft Forum I belong to.  Apparently lots of people liked the little saying on it.

Also I entered a Premature Baby Quilt which I got 2nd in and this was donated to the local NeoNatal Unit

Then last weekend the whole family went to Rotorua and both kids competed in the last Trampoline competition for the year and Kristen came home with a Gold and Silver and Anthony a Silver.  It was Anthony's first competition in over 2 years as he had quit and has justed started trampoline up again, so he done pretty well.

While in Rotorua we went to Paradise Valley for a visit and the kids got to pat the lion cub and feed a variety of animals.  I of course got to cuddle the very friendly Donkey.

Oh and I can not forget that I have spent lots on material and bits and peices.  Spotlight last weekend had a great sale on and I got material at $2 metre. So glad I was in Rotorua as we don't have one here.  Also hubby bought me a cutting mat for my birthday.