Sunday, June 4, 2023

Dirty Lace Update

Yesterday's post I showed a lot of pictures of my trip away and in amongst the scenery pictures I snuck in a picture of my goodies I got from Wools of Wanaka.

I bought some 4ply yarn from Roxy Fibres, and 8-10ply Happy Go Lucky Marapawa yarn and Truly Myrtle’s Gingerbread pattern. No projects were even in my head when I brought this yarn, so now to find some.

And what is a trip if you don't take some knitting with you.  My Dirty Lace has been in the WIP pile as I work on some baby blanket squares recently, but as I knew this would be easier to cart around I thought to bring it.  Not much was done and only one row frogged (yay!!) but I feel accomplished in what I did do.  On to the one colour lace part now.


  1. A pretty lacy shawl you'er working on. Lovely yarn pick up too.

  2. Hi Michell I love the shawl the colours are beautiful,so glad you had a lovely holiday 🌹🤍🌹


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