Monday, February 21, 2022

I Went On Holiday Again

 Last month I again had a week off and up to Cooks Beach again I went to blob out for the week at a friends bach with her and her mum.  Hubby came this time so he was our taxi and we went exploring a few times and done a lot of walks

Here is just a few of our places we went for walks on.

Cooks Beach

Cathedral Cove

Ferry Landing

Hot Water Beach

One day I do hope to go overseas again, but when that may happen ......who knows these days

Saturday, February 19, 2022

FNSI Result

Last night in I joined in FNSI and completed half the top front of this Millie Cardigan I am making.

It is a design I have seen a number of times knitted up and wanted to do it for my self. So when I was away recently I saw the pattern and I had to grab it.

Then today I went to my local fabric store and grabbed this love Dusky Pink Merino skein to make another.  

I also received my parcel from Skeinz today.  They had a lucky dip sale on Thursday and I just had to get some. I have plans already what I may make.

Yesterday I also had a craving for some homemade spaghettis so I grabbed some tomatoes and a small lot of golden queen peaches and became productive today.

The sound of the pops is a very nice sound to hear.


Thursday, February 17, 2022

My Granpup

 My daughter vows no Grandchildren from her (but she is still young), but she has given me a Grandpup.  He is a Spoodle and currently 19 weeks old and has a lot of love to give.

We only have one problem.  Snowy loves all dogs but Rusko is a bit to much for him and Snowy won't play with him when Rusko wants too.  Though I must say when I got home today they were best friends for once.

Such a cutie

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Come join FNSI

 Well last year and blogging didn't pan out.  I note when I last blogged was when I had really just changed jobs and then straight into more post grad study and also a short course certificate, as well as learning my new job.  

But ten months later and my only sanity is currently knitting and reading.  My job is still topsy turvey with my colleague getting a different job and also my boss leaving so I am doing some of that too, but it is nearly over and I will be back to some normality.  It is all part and parcel of healthcare currently and I am just glad I am off the wards.

Anyway as I previous said I have been doing a bit of knitting and have a number of items that need finishing off, so this Friday I am taking part in FNSI over at Sugarlane Designs and I will attempt to get some knitting done this night while maybe watching a movie.

Hope to see you there.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Busy Few Months

On boy have I been busy the last few months

Not only have a trained for and done a couple of 1/2 marathons, gone away for a long weekend in atrocious weather, been vaccinated for both Covid and influenza, done vaccinations for both, read a few books, changed jobs, done some knitting, some reading, some baking, some stitching, enrolled in more study, I have also been in full swing with in my NZNO delegate role and participated in our first nurses strike for these negotiations.  Today our 2nd strike got withdrawn due to a offer coming in.  Will not go into the drama with that one, only to say there are many many nurses not happy.

Any way here are some pictures of everything


Thursday, March 4, 2021

OPAM February

I’ve joined up to OPAM again this year to get myself working on some UFOs and starting new projects.

For the month of February I made two bibs that I gave as a gift for a baby shower I went to in the weekend.  Such easy items too make.

Since my last update on my stitchery I started in January I haven’t done really much in the last month, just little bits but at least I have one Elf done 


Friday, February 19, 2021

Just A Little Bit Of Old News From 2020

As I was really slack on my blog last year I didn't post anything about my local A&P show entries.

I didn't take pictures of everything I entered but I sure did of my winnings below.

This is the cup and plate for my entries in the Preserves section for the most points.  I was pretty chuffed in getting this and caused a little upset as the same people had won it for many years.
I even had the husband from the winners in the previous years come up shake my hand and thank me as he won't have to polish the silverware again this year.

I have already got plans on trying to retain these but it is so hard to, but I have plans on trying to clean out the knitting and sewing section in 20 years time as this is even harder to get.  I won the Fruitcake cup the previous year (causing another slight upset).  


Wednesday, February 17, 2021

It's Sign Up Time For February FNSI

Yay another month has gone by again it is time to sign up for FNSI.  It will be great to relax and do this on Friday after a very busy week at work - don't you just love Covid-19 😡

Yes we have had a little outbreak in NZ and where I live we are back up to Level 2 until midnight tonight and then back to Level 1.....yay. 

Anyway as I said this Friday is FNSI again and if you want to sign up head over to Sugarlane Designs and sign up here and then from Saturday head over to the other blogs who have joined in and see what everyone else done

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

A Much Deserved Holiday Continued

 So yesterday you saw photos of my trip to Hamilton.  Once this part of the trip was completed, off to Cooks Beach in the Coromandel we went.

Day one there we went for a walk up to Shakespeare Cliff and the views down to Cooks Beach and Whitianga are amazing ( no photos as have many from previous trips), but nothing compares to Cathedral Cove we done a couple of days later after lazing about.

Now some of you many think to yourself it looks familiar.  If you have watched the movie Prince Caspian it will be, as this is where the children landed.

It was a little hike down and a far cry from the small dirt track I went down 14 yrs ago.  It was all tarsealed, so though steep in some places, it was easy to walk.

The beach at Cooks beach is beautiful too and we had a few swims before the cool weather set in, but a few walks down it we done.

Another day we caught the ferry from Ferry Landing and had a look around Whitianga and would you believe I restrained myself and walked past a quilting shop...... yes it was hard

If you ever have the chance if this ugly thing could Covid ever lets people from other countries travel freely again, I suggest get having a lazy stay in the Coromandel.  This is only a tiny snapshot what it has to offer.


Monday, February 15, 2021

A Much Deserved Holiday

 It has been a week since I have been home from my nearly two weeks away from home.  It was bliss.  Hubby was left behind as he had work commitments that included going away himself after initially being able to come, so I hitched a ride with my friend earlier than planned and first port of call was staying with her family in Hamilton.

Now I have been in Hamilton many many times, but have never been to the Hamilton Gardens so one day we went and had a look.

This is one thing I should have done years ago.  I had driven past it a lot, but I will be back as apparently there is always something being built.  I did not get pictures of the rose gardens unfortunately.  

A couple of days later we done a river cruise on the mighty Waikato River and it was again amazing though it was quite hot and off all places my knees got burnt.

So we were in Hamilton for a few days with a quick trip up to Auckland and then off to the ultimate destination ...... Cooks Beach.

Come back tomorrow for those pictures 😎