Monday, March 11, 2024

Chookshed Stitchers 2024 Challenge Feb Challenge


February's challenge  was to "Sew a Christmas table topper".
Challenge completed.  I done so well I even started a second one with a slightly different pattern that needs to have binding added still.
This is the first one where I made it so no binding is added.  The other I will post when I get a picture.  

The March challenge is:

So going by my list this month I need to:

Sew a Halloween table topper

I have started this one already but to take a picture too.

To be honest I have to go outside to my sewing room and it is a bit dark and quiet so will take these pictures during the daylight hours.

On to other things.  I do like sitting binging Greys Anatomy and either knitting or crocheting.  Yesterday I went into my yarn stash and pulled out a bag I had prepacked for projects and the bag was for a crochet baby blanket.  So yesterday I sat and started to crochet this small blanket up.    

With crochet blankets I like going straight rows blankets so this is my first granny square blanket and am enjoying it a lot.

This may end up being an entry into the local A&P show at the end of the year.  Though simple, I like entering anything I can to keep the momentum for others to think they can also enter as you never know what will come out trumps.

Finally, the granpup and I had some facetime chats recently.  He and his mum have moved further away so he does not come visiting on her days off any longer.  His face when he hears me is so funny.  Sometime all I see is his nose.

This weekend though, I am heading down to their place to visit a Quilt Show so he gets to see me in person.  Only four sleeps to go.

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  1. I'm so behind but hey your doing great with the table Toppers by the sounds of it for the challenge..............


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