Saturday, October 28, 2023

A Taupo Trip

 Last weekend hubby and I headed over to Taupo for a couple of nights to go to the Kinloch Market.  Was a nice market to attend and some beautiful weather.

We done some of the free touristy stuff we have done many times before and just relaxed.

I love Taupo and miss working there but it is only a few hours drive away so easy enough to visit.  We drove via the Napier-Taupo Road so had to drive through the Esk Valley which was devastated during Cyclone Gabrielle earlier this year.  The roading crews have done a great job with the road and it was a great drive.  Just didn't like seeing the devastation that is still being cleaned up. So hope we don't have to go through something like that for many many years.

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