Thursday, July 19, 2018

West Coast New Zealand Trip

I had already been down in the West Coast area a couple of years ago so this time took hubby over to have a look.

We spent some time in the Hokitika area and were lucky it did not rain on the day we were there as the West Coast is known for their wet weather

We also went to the West Coast Tree Top climb which is something amazing to do

And then headed into the old Goldmining town of Ross afterwards

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

TransAlpine Rail Trip

I have just got back after a week in the South Island and while down there we spent a few days over on the West Coast and to get over there we caught the TransAlpine Train.  This trip around 4 hrs and we were lucky it was a relatively fine day, though cold if you went out on the viewing carriage which I did, but hubby did not.

We headed out at 8.15am on the first day.  This was our first big train ride with other just being commuter rides in the Wellington area previously

Going into the mountains it was a fine but cold morning

Once in the mountains you noted the low cloud

The stop at Arthurs Pass was a quick 5 minutes and yes cold 

This was the how close I got out on the way home ..... looking at the sign.... haha.  On the way back a few days later I wouldn't get out of the train as it was only 1 degrees celcius - to cold for this East Coast gal.

The view was clearer too, on the way home