Sunday, January 20, 2019

OPAM 2018 Finishes + UFO's

How many finishes for 2018 did I complete .....18.  I didn't get something done every month but I still done well.

It is now 2019 and again I will join up when it opens up at the end of the month and try and aim for something once a month.

My UFO list on the side bar has also shrunk and I will try to get some of these finished this year.  However when I go and clean my very messy sewing room, I will be adding to this list ..... cringe..... it's very messy.

And I have already failed at this promise for this year

Couldn't resist JJ Crafts 2 weeks ago while in Napier.  Maybe I will reset and make Feb 1st the start of the year.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Did I Go To Another Concert?................

Oh yes I  did!!  Last week it was off to Toto, Jefferson Starship and New Zealand's own Dragon.

A great concert had ....yet again.

Jefferson Starship


 My friend Christine and I even survived the heat with reports it was up to 33 degrees.  That is hot for here.

Start of the night

Only problem was the sunblock I used was good but not excellent so I have tan lines half way up my lower legs which I have avoided so far this summer.  

But hey, we both survived the night, while we saw some that didn't fare so well.

Mid Concert

Concert End

Next concert ...... Eminem ....... can't wait, with a Hurricanes v's Brumbies Super Rugby game the night before ......role on March