Sunday, August 14, 2011

Xmas In July Mug Rug Sent

Thanks to Sue, I have a photo what I sent to her for the Christmas in July Mug Rug Swap for the Christmas Quilting Block Swaps Australia Blog

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A New Zealand National Age Group Champion

What an exciting weekend Kristen has just had.  We were away up in Auckland for the 2011 Gymsport NZ National Championships which she competed Trampoline in for the Hawkes Bay/Poverty Bay region.  Going into them she was a strong contender for a placing, however there were some South Islander girls quite good as well, including one who has been competing in the International group this year.

First day Kristen had to compete both Double-mini Trampoline and Syncronised Trampoline so a long day.

First up was the 15-16yr Double-mini.  Kristen pulled of two great passes and managed to be going into finals 2nd placed.  Unfortunately in the finals some off the top girls crashed in their passes and couldn't catch up to the top girls and then the girl coming first also did not do her passes right, so even with Kristen landing in the yellow square (long explanation) and instantly losing 0.9 of her mark she still won confincingly.
So a happy girl.

1st Double-Mini Trampoline

Then onto 17yr+ Syncro Trampolining that evening.  Even though the girls had been there all day waiting for this they done well.  Only 2 pairs were competing so a medal definately, but which one?  Kristen was freaking out as the other pair were doing such higher skills than her and her partner and was settling for 2nd place.  But when they competed you could definately see who was the better...big skills or not.  Again another title won easily and way ahead of the other girls.  So again a happy girl with two NZ titles to her name.

1st Syncronised Trampoline

Then roll on Sunday and 15-16yr Individual Tramp.  Kristen knew it was going to be sheer luck getting a medal in this one, though she was aiming for one.  Other years she hadn't even made the finals, but we knew this year she would.  After her set routine, she was coming 7th so knew she would have to do a good voluntary rountine to even get into the top 3.  Well she done it and was coming 3rd going into finals.  A very excited girl she was.  Her Vol routine was not as good in finals, but as the top 3 girls were miles ahead of the rest she was a definate medal prospect, but again which one?  The girl coming 2nd (who competed in the international group all year) pulled off a fantastic routine and though Kirsten was 0.1 behind her going into finals there was no way she was going to beat her, so we were settling on 3rd when the girl coming 1st hit the end of the mat.  2nd place was Kristen's and the girl who hit the end still managed to come third, as  previously said the girls were a long way ahead of the rest.
So yet again another happy girl.

2nd Individual Trampoline

So in the end Kristen came home with two NZ titles and a second place.

1st Double-Mini Trampoline

Monday, August 1, 2011

So Much Excitement.....

Just back last night from an exciting weekend, which I will post about later on when photo's are off my camera.  But on the way home waiting at the airport to come back to Gisborne, the All Blacks arrived.  When we were told, my friend and I took off and I got my taken with Sonny Bill Williams...he is so better looking in real life.  And me so hot and flustered and a bit ragged after a long day....