Saturday, January 30, 2016

'Love Is" Is Finally Finished

This stitchery I started back in, I think was 2009.  I had meant to finish it last year, as all it had left to do was trim and bind.
Now as part of  OMG: One Month Goal and Sew It's Finished I set myself a goal this month to finish it and I did.  Now all I have to do is get a hanger and it can go up on one of my walls.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A UFO Finish & More

Well some sewing is happening here among the hot weather we have had.  

This Celtic Sunrise paper-pieced block was sent out to my partner earlier this month.  It would be the hardest block I have had to do to date, but I persevered with it.

I have also been stitching up a storm with the hexagon flowers and these are all in the mail or ready to go into the mail.

Here in Gisborne we have had some lovely weather in the last couple of weeks and someone has finally done the rain dance as it has been showering on and off today.  Below is a picture I took on my walk earlier this week of where the two rivers meet in Gisborne

And finally to my UFO finish. These blocks were ones I had made for swaps but not good enough to post off, so they went in a UFO box to be made into a tablerunner.  Well a couple of years later it is made. This project is also part of Sew It's Finished and 1 Xmas Item a Month which you can go and view by clicking on the links on the side bar

While at it, I thought to practice some free-motion quilting and I think I have done a pretty good job too. 

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

FNSI Update

On Friday was the monthly FNSI.  As I was working that evening I decided to do a bit of sewing before I went.  Now with the heat of the day that was a mean feat, and the heat is not going away anytime soon either.  One plan for our house is to get air conditioning. Fans just don't cut it when we have 30 -35 degree days here currently.

So while bloobed out in front of the TV watching Grimm I stitched up just one hexagon to send away in the HexiMail group I am part of on Facebook before the heat got to me.

These are the other hexagon flower I have also stitched in the last week, which will be in the post tomorrow.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sew Its Finished is Back

So glad to see Sew Its Finished back up and running. I must say that I have accumulated a few more UFO's in the last couple of years and this blog will help motivate me to finish some.  It hasn't changed much from when I posted a couple of years ago. Some have been finished and taken off, but the majority is still there and the stuff in this picture from a couple of years ago is still there.

So here is my list which is now also updated on my side bar.  I may add to that list as I find other UFO's, but I think most of them are there:

'Love Is' Stitchery
6 1/2 Inch Block Mini Quilt
Annie Downs Stitchery
Blackwork Mini Cushion
Brutus Cushion Cover
Charmed Hearts Quilt
Christmas Stitchery
Cinnamon Teddy Framed
Civil War Love Letter Quilt
Framing Cow Cross Stitch
Jelly Roll Quilt
Layer Cake Quilt
Mirabila Cross Stitch
Mystery Charm Squares BOM
Natures Journey Quilt
Our Craft Forum 2012 Sampler Quilt
Sheep Virtues Cross Stitches
Snowbound BOM
Table Runner - Christmas
Table Runner 2

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Splendid Sampler Sew-Along

So I was not going to join up to any sew-along this year as still trying to catch up from last year, but after been added to the group on Facebook I just have to join in on the fun.

I know I shouldn't really, but I just can not resist.  If you look at all those designers, who could?

So if you want to join in to, go here and get all the details.  It is going to be so much fun.

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Santa's Sleigh Has Finally Landed

It took a while to land, but Santa's sleigh for the SSS finally landed here during the week.  It had a long to travel to get to New Zealand, but it was well worth the wait

My partner was Judith and she is very very talented lady. So here is my stash.

Again thank you to Cheryll for hosting this wonderful swap and I am looking forward to signing up again this year

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Saturday, January 9, 2016


It has been a while but I last night I joined in with the girls for FNWF.  What I have needed to do is get my hexi flowers out in the mail for swaps.

So I glue basted some more and started sewing.  If it wasn't for night-shift I would have sewn a lot more but I have made a start.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

OMG: One Month Goal

Last year after signing up to ALYoF and then long story cut short, didn't really do it because of personal issues which I have explained in other posts, I didn't get to quite finish anything I had planned to.  Nearly but not quite.  So when I saw that Heidi at Red Letter Quilts was now holding OMG: One Month Goals as ALYoF had wound up I thought this year is my year so I will join up to OMG.
My first, is my first from last year which is the Redwork 'Love Is' BOM I started a few years ago that Paula from Pacific Patchwork put out.  I did baste and quilt it last year, and all I need now to to bind it, so this is my goal for January.

Along with this I also plan to get this little Cross Stitch into a frame that I found when packing up the Christmas decorations last week.  I was going to make it into a cushion, but thought the frame would be so much better.

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Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year Everyone

 Yes I am a bit late in this, but have been hard at work. Now have a day off work so can catch up on things.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and even better New Year celebration and that this year will be good for all.  I know this year will be better for me.

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