Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Look at What I've Got

Anthony was coming home from his holiday last Friday so after much swapping and changing plans I ended up picking him up from Hastings in the Hawkes Bay which is half way for both sides.  This also allowed me to go to Spotlight and I had my Spotlight $40 off if you spend over $100 voucher too.  So with Anthony pushing the trolley I went shopping.  And this is what I ended up with, minus the glue which Anthony has got.

Tuffet Swap

Recently I was in a Tuffet swap as part of a craft forum I belong to.  My partner was Sue (Raider7) and this is what she sent me
Such lovely colours on each side.

This is what I sent her

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just A Little Project

At home unwell today so I rumaged through my stash of material I have collected over the years and at the bottom I came across some towelling I had purchased a long time ago.  Luckily I had matching material so I though I would make my self a hanging dishtowel and fortunately I had enough to make two.


Oh and I thought you might want to see a pic of our two cats.  One who drives me insane sometimes as she likes sleeping anywhere and everywhere.  Tesse is the grey one I have just mentioned  and Kitten is the tabby though not a kitten anymore but 8 years old.

And here is a pic of the rabbit called Rabs my son got from the SPCA about 6 years ago.  He looks after it himself, though when it gets out everyone has to run around the section and PADDOCK to catch him.