Thursday, August 31, 2017

Marmalade and Jam

In a couple of months time the local A&P show is happening again and I have entered a range of items for the Home Industries section ..... 20 to be exact.
Two of these items will be jam and marmalade, so have set about getting ready and made some raspberry jam and grapefruit marmalade.
Having never made raspberry jam before I tried this first and had good success.

Then a day later I whipped up some marmalade. 

Now that they are out of the way, to do some more entries.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I Passed!!!! and a late Christmas in July Swap Post

First things first.  I passed my Master of Nursing with Merit.  I was just happy getting a pass, so with merit it was a bonus.  All those tears were worth it.
Party time happened in Fiji as I found out about my results just after the plane landed.  I just had my recommendations to do, which are done and passed on to my supervisor who has approved what I have done and is now with the head of the program and I just have to 75 word abstract to write up and I can print in book form....yay. 
I now have time to do more things finally and I have been doing that, which I will show over the next few posts.
Also last month I participated in Gone Stichin' annual Christmas in July swap.  I received from Kaye over at Kitten Stitching and received some lovely cross stitch Christmas items.

I love cross stitch and loved these so much.

I sent to to Lyn and she let me know how much she enjoyed my gifts.  

Roll on more sewing now for the local A&P show in October.

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