Friday, March 26, 2010

Where's The Remote???

Not long ago I got some Moda Jelly Roll material for this project. My son absolutely loved it and kept on asking me when was I going to make it and now I have and the remotes are easily found because everyone uses this. This pattern was found in Among The Gum Trees blog. I did however, have a mishap with the sewing machine doing this. So eager was I to sew the strips I did not give it second thought that the needle was to one side and kept on sewing only to discover when I had finished I did not have 1/4" seams. Hence a smaller holder but perfect for our 3 main remotes.


  1. Such a clever idea, Where have you got it hanging? I may have to try this. Oh why I why do I go looking at blogs and finding more things to do.

  2. end of my couch and it has stopped the kids from jumping over the arms


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