Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Have Been Busy

Last night I got stuck into my  "Love Is" BOM.  I had stitched six of them already, but finished up to block 12 last night. Then tonight I have sewn the borders on, then I sewed the blocks together.  This is the half way mark.  Looking forward to the next 12 blocks and finishing it of.  This is the first BOM I have ever done and I am enjoying it.

Also during the week I finally finished knitting my daughter's scarf for school, which she has so patiently been waiting for.  Will keep her warm on those chilly mornings and it is so soft too.

Recently on the Craft Forum we had a "Designer Swap" where we had to make something by the designer Bronwyn Hayes or Leanne Beasley. This is the Quilters bag I sent to Ondrea made from a design by Leanne Beasley.  It is a rather large bag with a pocket on the side too.  The pattern I found in a old Homespun I had. 


  1. Your BOM is lovely ... at first it seems a real challenge, but I guess with doing one a month it is achievable.
    I looked at your blog the other day, and was so taken with the background I promptly downloaded one:) Forgot to make a comment that time as I was so entranced with the choice available.

  2. I love your BOM. It looks fantastic. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

    I'm tackling my first BOM too - from the Homespun magazine.

    I find that I'm permanently a couple of months behind, but I'll catch up... eventually :-)


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