Tuesday, December 28, 2010


So Christmas is over and I have 5 days of absolute freedom from the hospital which is having its' post Xmas rush.  So what to do.  Well I will update my blog I thought...so here we go.

Xmas Day
First of all here are some pictures of our Xmas Day.  We had a beautiful day here in Gisborne... great bbq weather which is what we had.  I have got pictures of the kids under the xmas tree on Xmas morning, however I have just discovered Anthony has taken his camera with them still on it to Tologa Bay for 4 days, so will post these ones later.

Xmas Advent Swap
On the Craft Forum I belong to we have had a Xmas Advent Swap.  Some items in a previous blog are what I received and this is some of the rest.

Then on Xmas Day I got to open my 25th pressie and lucky me received a bag with a x-stitch kit and punch needle kit in it.

Primative Swap
I also have been in Primative Swap and this is what my partner sent to me.  Unfortunately I did not remember to take a picture of what I sent.

And have a look at Snowy now. Isn't he growing

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