Monday, January 24, 2011

My Views and More Sewing

These photos are looking north to Turihaua Station (click on the name to have a look at the farm website if you want) which my husband manages.  Along the far beach front behind the trees are the main homestead, worker houses and woolsheds.  Our house is further around the far point so not seen in these pictures.  Also the farm extends a couple of km's behind were I am standing taking these photos and to the left of the picture quite a way.  The station is the oldest Angus Stud here in New Zealand.  The beach is obviously called Turihaua Beach, while around the corner where I live it's called Pouawa Beach.  I will get photo's when the weather is nice again.  You can also see we are quite brown.  In the last few days we have had some rain so hopefully we got nice and green again.

Turihaua Station

Turihaua Station - we live further around the point

Turihaua Station 

On the way to town most of the trip is along the beach front.  This is a photo at the top of Tatapouri Hill which is a couple of hundred metres away from the farm boundary.  It is looking south toward Makarori Beach and town is in the far distance over the hill.

Makorori Beach

More Mug Rugs

Here are a couple more mug rugs I have made in the last week.
Yes, they are addictive!!!!

And this is the starting of a quilt top.  It's an idea I got from while browsing Retromummy's blog last week.


  1. What beautiful scenery.Love the idea of using a jelly roll for a quilt,might just have to give this idea a go :) Barb.

  2. Gorgeous countryside. I'm a bit curios so what is the meaning of these (Maori?) place names? Our farm is Kalool Farm and Kalool is a mispronounced version of gulool which means lake or waterhole and two creeks join on the edge of our property, forming a waterhole.


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