Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bits and Pieces

So what have I been up to for the past month??...bits and pieces. Working, gardening, cursing my new oven cause it's to hot and a little wee bit of sewing.

Mainly things have been swap items.
  First up was my Xmas in July swap from Pauline for TOMG's Christmas In July Swap

I sent Pauline these for her gift

Then our for our Craft Forum 6 1/2" block swap I received these from Sharyn

and to Penny I sent these

Then to Alex over at the  Quilting Block Swap Australia 2 I sent this Baby Bunting block. 

And these are the last two blocks I have made for Our Craft Forums Mystery Charm Squares Block of the Month.

And finally can not forget Snowy.  He is a year old now. last thing.  We have the Namibian Rugby World Cup Team here in Gisborne training at the moment and yesterday had a session at the Trampoline Club for a couple of hours.  They are a fantastic team and there would have been no way the All Blacks would have been as much fun and friendly as these guys.


  1. Hello Michell,

    Love the blocks you have done, bit of a bummer with the hot oven. The World Cup is getting closer,lucky to meet up with a team.
    Happy days.

  2. Lovely pics, Michell. I really like the fabric you used in the Ohio Star blocks!!
    Snowy is so cute- is he poking his tongue out for the camera? lol
    Terrific pic of your DD and the others, too.

  3. Nice pics. Good to see the Namibian team having fun.Love all the craft you have been doing.


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