Friday, March 28, 2014

Lovely Pouches

I have recently been in another swap and this time it was a Pouch swap held over at Facebook.  My partner was the lovely Ellyn from Texas.  I was lucky not only to get one pouch but two.

Inside it was some lovely items from where she lives to and I can not wait to get into the salsa mix...yum.

I then sent her this pouch with things from here in New Zealand which has arrived safely. One day I will have to try some of that Mud soap myself and see if it is as good as they say it is.  I seem to send it overseas all the time instead.

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  1. Hi Michell - looks like really lovely swap pouches sent & received... & I do love the touch of including something from your respective home countries... now go find yourself some of that mud soap!!

  2. I used my little owl pouch tonight! I went to my small sewing group & took a stitchery project inside! I love it so much

  3. What a gorgeous swap Michell :-)

  4. Lovely work girls. Pouches are always a great gift.

  5. great swaps on both sides xx love it when it works out x

  6. Lovely work. I have never made a pouch before..must add it to the to-do list


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