Friday, December 1, 2017

My SSCS Has Arrived

So I finally posted out my parcel today to my partner for the 2017 SSCS, and also when I out to open my front door there was my parcel waiting for me too

Ripping the postbag open I found these three wrapped gifts

with only one being allowed to be opened today.  The other two are for Xmas Day. 

I received this lovely ornament from Maria

Now the wait until Christmas Day.

Patience is a virtue.


  1. Pretty little ornament - how tempting! xx

  2. What a gorgeous ornament! Lucky you being able to open one already! Maria is very organised :-)

  3. So pleased that the parcel arrived safe and sound Michell! I'm also glad that the card was in the parcel. After I had posted the parcel, I had this thought that I didn't remember putting the card in the mailing bag. Our little post office was closed down this year and we now have to use this big postal centre so I reckoned if I had left it on one of the tables, it would be gone if I went back. So I was all prepared to send you another one if necessary.

  4. what a lovely ornament..........enjoy.....


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