Saturday, April 11, 2020

Lets Get Stitched 2020

Last month before this Covid-19 crisis reared its ugly head big time, I got to go to Hobart for the last Let's Get Stitched get together.

It was a good time and a sad time as I will not be seeing many of these gals again except online. We had a great time though.

The highlight of my shopping though was again going to Helen Stubbings shop The Quarter Inch and shopping to my hearts content and doing this again the following day.

Hubby still doesn't know how much I spent, but he knows that I spent a lot lol

Went to The Wicked Cheese Co. as well and tasted many cheeses, but didn't buy any as didn't want to risk border control on the way home.

Done the Richmond Bridge pics again, Tasmania's oldest bridge

Love this bridge going into Hobart

And Hobart

I did plan on going to Port Arthur as it was the only reason I went to  Australia a day early, but after the travel sickness I got, I flagged it and also glad I did as it was raining quite heavy on the day.  Told the hubby we are going back for a holiday together to do this and many more touristy things one day our selves.


  1. looks like you had a wonderful time in Tassie..this was supposed to be my annual leave destination (March) but we didn't go because of the virus stuff just starting to happen...hopefully next year!
    And who tells hubby how much you spend? Mine would have fit if he knew!

  2. We were booked to go Friday 17th April. It looks beautiful. Who knows when we will get there now as we live in NZ. Glad you got to go and can share.

  3. Looks like you had a good time. Hope you can get back to Tssie when life settles once again.

  4. Looks like a beautiful place to visit. Glad you had a good time and that it was before the lockdown! Who ever tells their husband how much they spent in a quilt shop!! xx


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