Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Designer Swap - Vicki Tucek

Our Craft Forum has just finished another swap.  This time we had to make something designed by our lovely forum moderator and friend Vicki Tucek of The Pickledish Patch.  I used the pattern of her freebies page on her blog called 'It's A Lot Like Christmas Table Runner' and changed it into everyday use fabric instead of Xmas fabric.

Then from Geniene I received this lovely table runner and coasters also design by Vicki
Ain't they lovely
Also last week I received some more material for my Civil War Love Letter Quilt from


  1. The table runners are lovely!

  2. Your table runner turned out great Michell and I am glad you enjoyed sewing it :) Genienes turned out really pretty too. :) hugs Vicki xx


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