Sunday, June 26, 2011

School Ball Night

Tonight is Kristen's School Ball.  With the dress & shoes all sorted, today was hair and makeup day.
 So the day started just before lunch.  Here is Kristen before we left home.  She did not like not wearing any makeup to town

Hair was first up, so armed with printed out photos from the internet she went along to the hairdresser hoping she could do what she wanted.  Luck was on her side and she got exactly what she wanted, with lots of bobby pins, ghd work and LOTs of hairspray.

A couple of hours later was the makeup girls doing their job, and once that was finished around to her friends place to finish getting ready for the preball get together and picking up their ball partners.

She is still there at the ball as I write and more photo's to come of her from other people yet.  I hope she is enjoying her night


  1. Gorgeous pictures, Michell!
    I hope your daughter had a night to remember for always! Sandy. :)

  2. Today is the day after the ball ... I am sure your beautiful daughter had an unforgetable time.

  3. She looks really lovely (both without makeup and with) hope she had a fantastic night.

  4. Hello Michell,

    Hope Kristen had a wonderful time,she certainly looks stunning.
    Happy days.


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