Sunday, May 27, 2012

Colour Swap

Recently I participated in a Colour Swap which Lisa over at Lydia's Treasures held.  We needed to give our partner six presents in the colour of their choosing.

I was lucky enough to get Gaynor from over at Stitchers Anon.  The colour I chose was blue and I received a lovely parcel from her.

The box on arrival here.  The mail man even drove up my drive to drop it off, even though it would have easily fitted in my large rural mailbox.

Six parcels awaiting to be unwrapped. Wonder what I got?

First a lovely pin cushion

 A love pin keep

A cute Needle Minder

 A stuffed love heart

A floral needle book

And when I open this one I squealed.  A Blueberry Crumb Cake charm pack.  I absolutely love this range.

So some very lovely gifts I received

 Gaynor asked for the colour turquoise or turquoise and pink.  So after much searching I came to as close to the colour as I could.  Gaynor has received my parcel and I was quite surprised at how fast it got to the other side of the world.  I sent on Monday and she told me Friday she had the parcel.  Now that is fast!!!


  1. Wasn't this a lovely swap to be in...I have loved it!!!

  2. lovely gifts sent and received Michell,well done ladies.xx

  3. I do indeed love your gifts and am pleased you like what I sent you. I am so impressed with the towel hanger...I have never seen it before and yet it is such a good idea! I am glad you got a piccie with the jelly beans...they didnt last long enough for me to take one rofl xxxxx

  4. I looove blue. So many gorgeous things.


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