Saturday, May 26, 2012

1 Xmas Item A Month

This month I thought I was on to it and was going to have my item finished on time, but alas I have got the flu and have been sort of zonked out the last couple of days.  Always a bugger when you are on annual leave as I am, and you get sick.  Anyway though it is not the 25th here in New Zealand any more, in other parts of the world it is still the 25th, so I still sort of sneak in.

Anyway this month I have made a Scrappy String Christmas Tree Table Topper designed by BOM Quilts for my item, and you can get the pattern here


  1. very nice Michell,hope you are feeling better soon.xx

  2. Very pretty.....hope you feel better soon

  3. There's only one thing worse than having the Flu and that's having it when you're on holiday :(
    Lovely table topper ... I'm glad you snuck in :)

  4. I think annual leave must be registered in some Virus newsletter! I wish it would go out of print!
    I love your tree table topper the novelty fabrics are gorgeous.


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