Monday, January 28, 2013

Block Swap Update

Just a quick update on the latest blocks I have received from both Quilting Block Swap Australia (QBSA) and Christmas Quilting Block Swap Australia (CQBSA).

Over at QBSA my January Pinwheel block from Debbie arrived and it is lovely.

Then over at CQBSA my  December block from Cynthia in Germany came this month

Also for my January swap I received this one from Cathy (aka CrafteeCC)

And I sent this one along to Cathy

I am now collecting quite a few blocks up.  I will have to get the QBSA ones and see how many I have and see if there is enough for a quilt yet.

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  1. Lovely blocks. A block swap quilt sounds like a great keepsake.


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