Monday, June 24, 2013

1 Xmas Item A Month Finish

Yay, I have finally finished a Xmas item.  This month it was a cross stitch I purchased a couple of months ago.

I have got my mojo back with cross stitch at the moment and have got a couple of projects on the way.

Desert Road
Miss 17 has just under two weeks to go till she is off to the Armed Forces.  Now we have been having bad weather in parts of New Zealand in the last week, though here in Gisborne it didn't come near us.  

Miss 17 because of this has been keeping updated on the weather in Waiouru where she will be based for 16 weeks on Basic Training.  She got a bit of a surprise when at the end of May she asked if it snowed there.  We just cracked up laughing.  Obviously someone had not done their homework on Waiouru weather.  Here is an example of the end of May snow which she is guaranteed to experience while there.

Waiouru Museum
 She has obviously gone out and got her self a few thermals now.


  1. gorgeous finish Michell.xx

  2. I love you finish: very pretty. Good luck to you daughter on her new adventure!

  3. Gorgeous cross stitch... Hugs.....

  4. Cross stitch Santa is adorable!

  5. lovely Christmas finish... all the best to your daughter in that very cold looking climate!

  6. Hello Michell,

    Just love that Christmas cross stitch and it is framed beautifully. Best wishes to your daughter.

    Happy days.

  7. Your Santa sross stitch is beautiful.


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