Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Fabric Basket

Recently I participated in a fabric basket swap over on Flickr and this is what I sent to my partner filled with goodies.  I know she has received it and loves it.

One thing I noted after I had made it was the handles were so long and could not fathom out why, but packaged it up and sent it on its merry way anyway.  I then had another look at the pattern and then realized that instead of chopping the handles in half, I made two of them from the pattern.  Pays not to sew sometimes late at night.  

The pattern was made from Pink Penguins tutorial which can be found here


  1. Hehehe That's exactly the sort of thing I would do, you're not alone!

  2. Lovely colour ... the longer handles would make it easy to pick up with one hand :o)

  3. The bag looks great, it sounds like what I would do too!!

  4. hi Michell - I agree with Narell, it would make it easier to pick up, but yes I do sympathise with the issue of not reading the instructions quite correctly. It still looks great! x


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