Monday, July 15, 2013

She Is Not Only Isolated But She Will Be Cold

Miss 17 has been at Basic Training for a week now and things are not going great for her.  I last heard from her last Wednesday night and she was injured....shin splints....arrrgghhh.  After all her years of sports and then going to the gym once she finished that she had to do this. Shows you can be fit, but different demands of exercise can still injure you.  Hoping she is going fine and that physio is sorting her out.  They asked if she wanted to leave, but she refused.

Anyway if she wanted to leave in the last four to five days she wouldn't have been able to to.  With all the snow they are having over there the roads have been shut.  She must be loving that aspect, coming from sunny Gisborne to snowy Waiouru.  I did have the call out last Wednesday for more thermals, so popped into town and bought her plenty which I will post over or we will take over on visiting day in two weeks time.


  1. Brrrr! That looks like thermal underwear weather to me too.

  2. Oh my ... that looks super cold!


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