Saturday, July 13, 2013

School Ball Time Again

This year Master 15 went to his first School Ball. After saying for weeks he was not going he decided one week out he was going.  Problem was he told me on a Sunday night, payment and permission form (which he did not have) had to be in by Monday 3.30pm and I was working day shift on the Monday finishing at 3.30pm. So with a few phone calls and a quick drive to school as soon as work finished he was half sorted.  Then we had to go get the suit which was going great apart from the shirt which still not had arrived by Saturday morning.  A quick stop into the shop to get a different one alerted us to a big muck up with the shirt  order and fortunately there was actually the one he wanted now sitting on the shirt racks...arrgghhh!!  Lucky no one bought it.

Anyway after all that he got to the ball with his date, which was a friend and here are the photos.


  1. Wow he looks so handsome Michell!
    I bet you were a proud Mum; gosh what a caper with the shirt!!
    That reminds me of my DDs yr12 Ball; the dressmaker took the dress in too much and I had to let it out - 3 nights before the Ball!! Good thing I can sew!
    Beautiful pics!!

  2. I'm so glad he changed his mind! They grow up quickly when you add a suit and tie.


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