Saturday, March 21, 2015

FNSI Results

Well I am sitting here typing this and watching the New Zealand Black Caps play the West Indies (who have just lost their 8th wicket ...yay)  in the quarter finals of the 2015 Cricket World cup.  I think after watching New Zealands batting innings that Martin Guptill must be one of the best batsman in the world.....237 not out..... well I currently think he is the best!!!  The second highest ever in a World Cup and 5th all time highest ever.  With him and Brendon McCullum New Zealand are a formidable force.  New Zealand have never made it to a final, just the semis ...... Is this the year they do, fingers and toes crossed here

Anyway on to FNSI results.  I was quite busy last night stitching away on my Natures Journey blocks.  I am a month behind but am making progress in catching up.

These are my background fabrics and there is a lovely Tilda fabric in with these.  Can you guess which one?

I cut my squares out and traced the circles and squares on them

 I have now blanket stitched the first months and just to applique them now.  A skill I am not that great on yet.

And finishing writing this up, and other wicket has been lost,  West Indies are 221-9.  Such a great game.
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  1. Well done on catching up on your SAL blocks before you know it you'll b up to date with them and racing ahead :) Barb.

  2. Great start on your Natures Journey Blocks....

  3. Well done with SAL! Amazing job by Martin Guptill

  4. we were keeping up with the cricket via the internet... sadly free tv is only showing the Ausi games here! I also sewed NJ blocks... they are fun though going slowly.... glad I have found your blog...

  5. Must admit I'm not a cricket fan but your blocks are coming nicely xx

  6. good to see the SAL happening.............

  7. I'm amazed you got so much stitching done while watching cricket.... it sends me to Love your background fabrics... so pretty. You'll be all caught up with your NJ before you know it. Have fun and.... keep stitching xxx

  8. Not a cricket fan [baseball and hockey for me!] but you sure did a lovely job while watching! I get too excited and stab myself to watch during any kind of game, lol.


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