Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's a Bag!!! and Much More

I had a Moda Charm pack ....well I have few actually ....... back to it ....... I had a Moda Charm pack and I wanted to make a bag so I opened up the charm pack and sewed together a few, quilted, made handles, inserted lining and woo-laa here it is

Also I have made the 2nd of my blocks for the Mystery Charm Squares BOM 2011

Then I also have received in the mail my prize from The Stitching Room
A lovely Bunting pattern

When I was on nightshift a couple of weeks ago I was looking through Book Depository for something to do and came across a book I had to have.  I love things to do with or read about the American Civil War ....  my favourite movie of all time is 'Gone with the Wind'.... so I ordered The Civil War Love Letter Quilt book.  It is on my long term plan to make as it has 121 quilt blocks.  So at the moment it will sit on my bookcase to read at leisure.

and finally here is an updated picture of Snowy.  He is 6 months old in 2 weeks time.


  1. Snowy is a cutie Michelle :)

    I really like the bag. I have never made a bag but have been going to have a go so you have inspired me thanks.
    Hugs Olivia x

  2. That bag is lovely, Michell. Is that moda fabric Oasis? it is so nice.
    Love your beautiful little little pup, he looks so sweet and huggable. :)


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