Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Northern Trampoline Championships

Over the weekend Kristen and I headed up to Auckland again for the Northern Trampoline Championships held at the North Shore Events Centre.  Again we flew up which is great as it takes just under an hour to get to Auckland, compared to approx 6 hrs by car.

Anyway Kristen done pretty well.  Gold in both Double-mini Trampoline and Syncro Trampoline and Bronze in Individual Trampoline...missing out on silver by 0.1 of a mark.  

Collecting Gold for Syncro Trampoline (not her partner with her as she had to drive back to Gisborne)  
Bronze for Individual Trampoline

Gold for Double-Mini Trampoline  

And while up there I snuck away to Spotlight and got myself a nice new quilters ruler. YAY!!!

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