Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some Little Things

Oh I can't believe it's been a few weeks since I posted last.  Have been busy at work as I picked up a couple of shifts.  Won't be doing that again for a while.  Whenever I do something always goes haywire and these times it did.  Especially the day I decided to pick up a shift and it was a short change one.  Turned to custard the evening before and the next morning wasn't any better.  Well they are over now and I am yet again on annual leave.

As I have been quite busy obviously not much has been happening sewing wise.  However I have managed to send a couple of things and receive a couple of things.  Unfortunately some I have sent I did not take a photo of which is not like me at all.

First up, over at Our Craft Forum I am in a 6 1/2" block swap.  Each month we make 4 blocks in our partners colour choice and of the block which is chosen for us to make for the month. This month I sent to Sharyn and she wanted brights.

I chose blue as my colour choice and this is what Penny is sending to me. They will arrive any day now in the mail.

Also I received my lovely swap item from Kalani from the Handmade Gift Exchange- Craftholics Anonymous swap.  Aren't I a lucky girl. Miss 15 has already eyed up the necklaces for herself...lol

Then for the Mug Rug Swap v.2  I sent Jennifer this mug rug.  I hope she likes it.

And then for the Christmas in July Mug Rug Swap for the Christmas Quilting Block Swaps Australia Blog I received this lovely mug rug from Sue.  My one I sent is one I forgot to take a photo of.  Hopefully Sue does one for me.

I have also made an item for TOMG's Christmas in July Craft Swap but again forgot to take a photo of it before it was sent so hope Pauline also takes a photo.

Wow looking at what I have made makes me think I have done well with the little sewing I have done.  Now all that is left to make is my Mystery Charm BOM and my 12 1/2" block for the Quilting Block Swaps Australia II which on my side bar you can find a link to.
Oh and here is Snowy now...or should I say a couple of weeks ago.  He likes the mud here at the moment and is not so white currently.

Well better sign off and go and pick up Miss 15 from work and take her to her last Trampoline training before we fly up to Auckland for the 2011 Gymsport NZ National Championships starting on Friday.

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