Monday, January 16, 2012

RIP Rab's

Rabs 2003-2012
Heartbreaking day today.  I had to get our rabbit named Rabs put down.  Poor boy had a horrible infection in his eye and was not getting any better...only worse and nothing was working.  It was a hard decision to make but he will now be at peace and pain free.  Miss 15 and I started bawling our eyes out when the vet nurse went to take him away.  She must be use to it as out came the tissues and another patting frenzy.  He lived to a grand old age as a rabbit...approx 8-9 years old. The vet said 7 years is average.  My son rescued him from the SPCA many years ago.  Rabs was also a rabbit that made us run.  When ever he got out we all ran to get him and living on a farm he had a big wide world to run in when he could.  We even learnt to sprint up hills and jump fences.....electric ones too..... when he got out.  Must have been why he lived so long, he was fit, and amazing the cats never got him.  We would come home and there he was hopping around the lawn happy as Larry.  Luckily the cat was too lazy and never saw
RIP Rabs

Rabs and Snowy

Now onto a happier note.
I finished these blocks from 'A Civil War Love Letter' a couple of weeks ago but have not yet got around to publishing them.  So without further ado

March to Winter Quarters

Liberal With Furlough
I also finished this little UFO last week and you can read about it here on my other blog called Michell's Cross Stitch.

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  1. RIP little Rabs- sounds like you had a very happy life on the farm.
    Your blocks are lovely, Michell, so is the bag. I must do a bit of xstitching again- I have one on my UFO list too.


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