Friday, January 6, 2012

Homemade Apricot Jam....yummy

A few days ago I went and picked some apricots from our neighbours trees.  What to do with them after we had eaten our share I thought.  Apricot jam came to mind.  So out came the trusty Edmonds Cookbook . Found the recipe and made some. 

Now in the pictures below you will see my Edmonds Cookbook is very tatty.  Obviously it is well used.  On my Xmas wishlist was a new one and Master 14 bought me one.  But I will never get rid off this one. It is not done.  I have four off them now, with one being a microwave one. My earliest one is from the early '80's, and in it chicken was just becoming more popular and only eaten on special occasions, so it had a whole section on ways to cook it.

My trusty Edmonds Cookbook

So I rummaged through my cupboards and luckily found enough jars and lids to go with them.

Jars washed ready to be sterlised
 Then came the washing and halving of the apricots.

In the preserving pan ready to be made into pulp
 Miss 15 saw how much sugar was being used and said she is never eating jam again as it is so

Wow!! 12 cups of sugar
After slaving away over a hot stove, on a hot day I finished.  I thought I had ten jars, but ended up with only eight.  Though I have a jug of the jam in the fridge to get into straight away.

All finished and labelled
 Very delicious it is.  
Next on my list is the ever so popular Tomato Relish.  next week I will get supplies for that.

Now on to other things.

Just before Xmas I entered in a Xmas Stocking Giveaway and lucky me won a gorgeous one from Sue over at supermomnocape

I received this delightful stocking filled with goodies.

Lots of goodies
 This delightful angel was made by a local crafts person.  Isn't it gorgeous.

And this Redwork Angel is also delightful.

Finally, here it is the present I made for my swap partner over at Our Craft Forum for the Xmas Advent Swap 2011.  If you remember I forgot to take a photo, but Sandy has and this is what I made for her. 

Xmas Advent Swap 2011


  1. I have an Edmonds cook book too. The 1998 edition. I use it quite often.

  2. This is wonderful - love the jam making session. Still waiting for you to receive your SSS box. Hope you are well. Enjoy the weekend.

  3. What awesome things to find in that gorgeous stocking! I love them!

    Also I now know you were my Secret Santa!! Funny thing is, I found your blog and figured out it was you. Then I could not remember which blog was yours. Then I found you again! Of course Suzanne's list helped me confirm it! Thank you so much for the goodies. I love them all!!!

    Now I am going be one of your followers so I can find you again! :)



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