Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SSS....Finally Received....YAY!!

Last year...wow that seems weird as it was only 2 1/2 weeks ago......I joined up to the Secret Santa Soirre.  My parcel was sent to me early December, but I don't know what happened with the mail men, but today finally it arrived...YAY!!!  Better late than never though was getting worrying there a bit. My secret partner was Joy from Joy and Comfort and she sent me a lovely box of gifts.

 So I opened the box and poof....all this make believe snow came at me.

Under all that were some lovely wrapped gifts.  I wonder what they are?

Yes, I had a bit of a squeeze.

They weren't wrapped for long.

Now who found out I liked pens.  As a nurse you never have enough, though hubby has been eyeing them up too.

Some cute little charms and lovely hand quilting cotton.  Very nice.

And last but not least this delightful book called 'History Repeated' and signed by the authors too.  Ain't I very lucky and love it.  The quilts in it to make are divine.

Thank you very much Joy for being my partner.

 Now I must toddle of to bed as need to go to work early tomorrow and must take a couple of those pens.  I know that no one else has any like it work so if they go missing they will be easily discovered....lol..


  1. So very glad it finally arrived. I don't know where it has been all this time - hope it enjoyed the journey. The book is by local authors - I'm just flying my Texas flag. Thanks for the update.

  2. Yay! I am happy you got your SSS gift! And nice things you got. I am still enjoying the things you sent me in the SSS exchange! Fun!


  3. Lovely gifts, Michell. That book looks great!! :)


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