Thursday, October 18, 2012

2012 New Zealand Trampoline Nationals

Well I have moved and also been away dowe to Dunedin with Kristen for the 2012 NZ National Trampoline Championships.  While no NZ titles to match the two she got last year, it was close.

Kristen got 2nd on 15-16 yr Womens Double-mini Trampoline.  Missing out in first place by 0.3.  She was devastated over it.  I had to keep on reminding her that she is lucky as some people go to Nationals for years and never medal.  She was also injured which didn't help one bit.  I think what may have bugged her was she hadn't been beaten since March 2011.  She was over it anyway by that night and the next day went on to win bronze in the 15-16 Women Syncro Trampoline, which she thought she wouldn't get anywhere in. Then on the last day she got 4th on Trampoline which she was happy with as it was a tough competition in the age group this year.

While down in Dunedin we went for a drive to the worlds steepest street.  I didn't walk it but Kristen did.

Fun time had by all

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