Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Late FNWF Update

Well I did sign up to FNWF last Thursday and I did participate on Friday night, but I did not post about what I made as I was on night shift starting from Friday night too and was just too tired to post about it over the weekend and even yesterday.

But with further ado here is what I made.

A cross stitch keyring from a kit I recently purchased from Sewandso in the UK.  There is another keyring to be finished in the kit too and a spent my spare time on night shift stitching that one and hopefully will be completed soon too.

I also made my Initial Heart Swap item, but that one is a surprise so will post a picture of it on Valentines Day.

And one last thing is today we finally have rain.  Looking forward to seeing a little bit of green on the farm again that is not crops or weeds.

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  1. Ah Michell - your FNWF post was late, and I am late doing the visiting for it, LOL!
    The keyring is very cute, very neat stitching... some rain will be welcome for you x


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