Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another Swap Received

A couple of days ago I blogged about the Quilters Choice swap items I have sent to my partner which is held over at the Sew Swapit group on Facebook.  You can see the post here with the photos of the table runner and cushion cover I made.

Well I  received mine a couple of weeks ago in the midst of getting sick (which I am still not quite over) and doing night shift at the hospital (which I had to call in sick for one night), so am only posting about them now.

Rhonda sent me this lovely bag, with a gorgeous owl on it, a covered notebook and a tissue cover which fits in my handbag nicely, so is missing for the photo shoot.

Also over at the same group I am participating in an Apron swap too.  I have yet to send mine, but have received mine from Sara which Miss 17 is modelling for me.

She only modelled it because I said her head wouldn't be in the picture, then got the apron on and things changed lol.


  1. hope you are feeling better now x great bag, apron... and model xxx

  2. what wonderful gifts you have received Michell,these swaps are so much fun.xx


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