Thursday, September 12, 2013

Everyone Loves An Apron

I know everyone loves an apron. They are so good protecting your clothes from all that food you might splash when cooking, or with me I have a habit of wiping my hands on my thighs. Naughty I know. So when the opportunity to participate in an Apron Swap over at Sew Swapit came along I jumped in eagerly.  

I now know that my partner has received her apron, so here are the results.

I sent mine over to Ruth in the US.  The material I found at Spotlight when away a month ago and I thought perfect.  Apron patterned material for the apron, so I had to get it.  Instead of hemming the apron I lined it instead which turned out perfect.

Miss 17 loved being the for this one and then again for the one I received from my partner Sara.


  1. Lovely!
    I always put my apron on whenever I'm cooking!

  2. Hello Michell,

    Both aprons are lovely designs and fabrics. Enjoy.

    Happy days.

  3. Hi Michell, wow what a great idea for a swap... and I do love what you sent to Ruth, I am sure she loves it.
    And you are right, aprons are a kitchen essential, I wear mine all the time and have a big collection of them


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