Sunday, June 1, 2014

End of May & NewFO Challenge

Well I have been bad and not started anything on my list yet.  My crafting mojo has for the last couple of months gone walkabout, however it is coming back.

Not quite a quilting project, but my next passion which is cross stitch and on my list is Celtic Christmas.  All supplies have now been purchased and ready to go on a frame.

I also have purchased some more material to start a couple of quilts I have seen in a couple of books and they are on their way in the mail.

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  1. this will be a beautiful cross stitch Michell - and I hope your mojo is back good & proper for when those fabrics arrive for your quilt sewing!

  2. It works! That will be cute.

  3. Good idea to be prepared for when your mojo returns :)


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