Monday, July 28, 2014

Blocks Galore

I have noticed that I have not posted a few blocks I have received or sent over the last few months, so will update now.  Hopefully these are them all so far but will have another quick look. I am sure there are some 6" blocks missing in this line up.

These are a combination of all the block swaps I am in.

First up some 6" blocks I sent to Delphine back in April

Then a Paper pieced block I sent to Helen in May.  I am amazed I lined those lines up well.

Some 6" blocks sent to Carolyn in May

For the Xmas swap I sent this Pinwheel to Charmaine in June

Then I received from Charmaine this block

In June I also received these blocks from Jan for the 12" Block Swap

And I sent her this block 

I sent these to Juanita for the June 6" swap

And received these from her

This was sent to new swapper Lee for the July Xmas block swap

And I got this one from her

Then for the July 12" Block Swap I sent this one to Lorilynn

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