Sunday, August 3, 2014

Santa Maybe Running A Little Bit Late For Me, But Not My Partner

I have recent participated in Cherylls Christmas in July swap.  My parcel is still on its way to me and I will post about it when it finally gets here.  Mail delivery can be so erratic sometimes.  I can get an envelope from Australia in three days or three weeks, or even here in New Zealand it can be one day or one week.  Fustrating it is.

Any way I will post about what I sent to my partner Christine from MacDonald's Patch in Australia.
We had to make three things using letters from Christmas.  I chose R- Reindeer, S- Snowman and S- Stockings

First I made a little bag made from stocking fabric

Then a little snowman wall hanging

And finally a mini reindeer hanging

Here they are all together

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  1. 3 lovely pieces you made. I know how you feel about the mail system, I too have that problem in WA, it can take up to a week to receive something from the Eastern States and between a week to 3 weeks or more for parcels from the US, UK and Canada. It gets very annoying at times.
    Hope yours arrives soon.

  2. Our mail can be so eratic too - frustrating when you are waiting for something! Do like what you have made as your swap gifts, I'm sure Christine will have loved them.

  3. I love what you made for me Michell. I can't wait for December to put them out on display. Thank you once again.

  4. All the gifts were perfect... so cute and very christmassy. Now we jave sorted out your should arrive soon... xx


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