Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lets Get Stitched Hokitika Weekend

Over the weekend I finally made my way down to Hokitika to attend 'Lets Get Stitched' which the lovely Michele' Armstrong of 'By Hoki Quilts' organised.  The weather wasn't that great, but it is a normal trait for the West Coast of the South Island and did not deter us from having a great time.
I stayed at Stumpers Bar and Cafe and wow that was great with yummy food and coffee - which I had plenty of.

The first day there we had a look around the town ship and we were lucky enough to get a nail done by Jamie at The Beauty Spot with some real gold in it.

We also done a few more things like visiting the Sock Factory and got shown how it is all done.

Some of us even got to see a seal on the beach

Again I had more coffee at Stumpers Bar and Cafe

And then we had tea at Fat Pipi Pizzas and if you are in Hokitika you just have to have one.

The next day it was road trip time and we went and panned for gold and got some for ourselfs and then off to the Tree Top Cafe for lunch and again coffee.

Then off to Montieths we went, and got a tour of the brewery with some free tastings
And on the way Home went to Michele's Quilt shop By Hoki Quilts and then out for tea at Stumper Bar and Cafe where I could not even finish my Icecream Sundae as it was huge.
Sunday was stitching day and we made a variety of things with the help of Michele', Darlene and Joy

And a fab goodie bag filled with lots of things to take home and a new cutting mat

I also won a couple of things

Then on a blustery Monday morning I left home for Gisborne and going between Christchurch and Wellington it was beautiful weather, but not for long it appeared.

I do miss Stumpers Bar and Cafe coffee to.  Was some of the best I had tasted.

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