Monday, November 30, 2015

Santa Is Doing Some Early Deliveries

Well in the last month and a bit that I have been here I have been sewing up a storm for some Christmas swaps I am in.  I was worried I was going to be very late with them but all but one is on their merry way.  

It is so good to be stress free now, and hubby after having a rough time of it in the last year is absolutely loving it in his new job.  Knowing that we are never going to move again for a long, long, long time is great, it will probably be into a rest home in many, many moons if we do.  It also so nice to be living in your own home too.  So many things to do, short and long term ..... which reminds me I must get on to our grotty shower being replaced, but having high pressure water is fabulous after many years living on farms where it is often not.

Anyway, here are the gifts I have sent all wrapped, bar one as it is a secret swap and the wrapping paper will give it away.

This one is for the Advent Swap I am hosting over on Our Craft Group on Facebook and this parcel is currently winging its way over to Hungary

Then for the Santa Sack Swap this is winging is way over to Germany

and for the QBSA these gifts are winging their way closer to home but still over some water to Australia

The other swap I have sent of is SSCS which is a secret one and the other to be sent is another secret Christmas swap too.

Feels so nice to finally get things finished and sent off

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  1. its a nice feeling to know that all the sewing/swaping is DONE and on its way xx AND to know that you made the right decision when you moved xx

  2. Well done! Now you can relax

  3. busy busy with sleigh deliveries.........

  4. Good job! Enjoy your forever home xx


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