Sunday, February 25, 2018

Goodness Me

Goodness me it has been nearly 2 months since my last post.  It has been so hot to really do anything here.  Humidity 2 weeks ago was at 99%.  I was very glad I was not working in our un-airconditioned hospital that day.

Though to hot do do really anything I have stitched some 1" hexi flowers and even made a block for the Quilting Block Swap Australia group I am in on Facebook

I have also made a secret gift for someone but will post that one next month after they receive it.

I have also been away to a few concerts in the last two months.

First up was Bryan Adams.  This concert was fabulous.  As a teenager I loved his music and still do, so was rap that I got to see him live

I went with a couple of friends from work, and when going to and from the concert on the buses that were provided, we were the naughty girls at the back of the bus lol

I then went to the Taupo Summer Concert and though George Thorogood and the Destroyers had to pull out, they were replaced by The Orchestra (ELO) and boy were they fantastic.  They were a great ending to a great concert, which also had Alanis Morrisette, Colin Hay and Fairground Saints.  Again I went with the same ratbags as my last concert with hubby in tow to doing the driving this time.

Then last weekend I went to see the greatest band out ...... QUEEN + Adam Lambert.  Now I thought Adele was the best concert I had ever been to, but Queen out done her.  

This time I left the other ratbags behind and went with Miss 21.

Amoung these concerts I also went to a wedding of some very good friends and my baby was one of the wedding cars.  He scrubbed up very well I must say.

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