Friday, August 20, 2010

Some Old Photos

Just the other day hubby's mother sent up some old photo's of him, some of his school reports ....great reading..... and some other bit and bobs.  Reminded me of my box of photo's my mum gave to my sister's and I a couple of xmas's ago when we were altogether.  He are some of my favourites of me.  Yes I can be quite vain....but wasn't I adorable?

Just a baby

Approx 2 1/2 yrs old

Think I was 2 here too

15 yrs goes pretty fast


  1. Lovely pics Michell, they must bring back some good memories for you! ;-)

  2. A cute child and a beautiful bride:)
    Don't you so like looking at old photos ... the backgrounds tell us so much about fashions etc. Did I see a VW in the background of one?

  3. I was and still am going to comment about the VW in the backgraound of the first photo, I have a photo of me standing or being held at about the same age on a VW.
    Definitely a cutie.


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