Thursday, September 2, 2010

Who Has Got The Sewing Bug?

 Kristen is taking textiles at school this semester and has been making onesies pj's.  This is her finishing her second pair while I was trying to finish her mini quilt.  Currently at school she is making some summer ones now.

 And talking of her mini quilt, I was given some caring hearts a while ago from the girls in the craft forum I belong to, so I decided to make a little mini quilt out of them for Kristen.

Also with the craft forum I belong to we have just completed an apron swap. This is the one  I sent Norma
Unfortunately some over-zealous person in my household disposed of my parcel which held my apron, but Norma showed me a picture of it.  The flowers are hand painted.  I was heartbroken when I discovered it had gone and the family have all looked for it but we fear it has gone into the rubbish.  So much for putting into safe places.


  1. How lovely to see your daughter sewing away !

  2. I feel for you having"misplaced"the apron.It is lovely. Such a lovely sight to see your daughter sewing.

  3. Nothing pleases me more than to see a daughter sewing!! So sorry about the apron; fingers crossed it still turns up.

  4. sorry about the apron but glad you are having fun with your daughter

  5. Michell, I will make you another. Now have the ribbon again! Just as soon as we get the birth of the new Grand baby over, and we are back home, I will finish it.
    My daughter rang today and said, "Mum pack your bags, I feel that its not far off!" Yay


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