Saturday, May 14, 2011

Designer Swap

So another swap completed with Our Craft Forum.  This time it was a Designer Swap.  We had to make something from a choice of two designers and I choose Bronwyn Hayes.  I found a pattern in an early Country Threads magazine I have and adapted the stitchery into a Cushion Cover. This was sent to Quiltn'sandy

From Norma I received this cute Coin Purse.  No more loose change at the bottom of my hangbag.  Isn't it adorable.

Can't forget Snowy either.  Here he is at 7 months old.  I had to give him a head trim as I found a matt that I could not brush out.  Still gorgeous though.

No photo this time as still on my camera, but we went to the Auckland / Counties Manukau Trampoline Championships last weekend. Was a long drive as decided not to fly.  Kristen, in the 15-16yr age group again came home with Gold and Silver.  This time Gold in Individual Trampoline and Silver in Double-Mini and narrowly missing out on winning it by 0.2. Syncro she was fourth after nearly winning it but a costly mistake lost the Gold for her and her partner.  However she is over the moon about the individual gold.  She said she didn't care about anything else after winning that one. It was the highlight of her weekend.


  1. Love th cushion and how ridicukously cute is that coin purse! I just might have to kearn how to make purses!

  2. Love that coin cute...

    Snowy is so cute too... My GRD Autumn went crazy when she saw the pic ...she has been bugging me to get a dog just like that. She has a stuffed one I baught her named Snow Ball.


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