Monday, May 30, 2011

Lots Coming In The Mail

The mailman has been dropping of a few goodies lately.

First is some lovely material from Susan in South Africa. I sent over some magazines I didn't need and she sent me this back.  Aren't I lucky.

Then from my favourite online store The Fabric Shack I received some lovely Civil War fabric for my quilt I am making.  Yummy!!

Then Shirlwin from Our Craft Forum received some material and amongst it was some Civil War fabric.  She asked if I wanted it and of course I did. Thankyou.

Then at work some of us girls ordered name badges from Karyn Flanagan and this is what I received. Cute eh.  Patients are calling me by my name more and not just nurse or asking me who I am due to offical id names being quite small writing.

And of course I have a couple of giveaways I have won coming at the moment and also waiting on another order of Civil War fabrics to come from Autumn Rose Quilting

I have also been in a little swap with a few ladies here in New Zealand.  First time I have done one in NZ too.  I made a scented heat pad and a little coaster for my partner. Hopefully receiving it today.

Don't forget I am having a little giveaway and will be in town to get a little bit of it today, so keep an eye out for it.


  1. Wow some lovely stuff in the mail. In one of your civil war fabrics you have one I the name badges

  2. Glad you received the fabrics. Just have to say that the first two fabrics I bought in Windhoek in Namibia, where my daughter and her family lived for a few years. and the last was bought in Upington where my son lives. Hope you will be able to use them. Hugs and once again thanks for the mags, I spend many happy hours reading them.

  3. Lovely fabrics, it is sooo nice to get stuff in the mail.

  4. Hello Michell,

    Some beautiful fabrics received,enjoy. Love the name badges, it is amazing what a difference big writing makes. I guess they will be a conversation starter to.
    Happy days.

  5. Love your name badges, I agree it does make a difference having larger print on that sort of thing. Always nice to get surprises in the mail especially those of the fabric variety.


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