Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another Block Completed....On Time..... And Some Books I Just Got In The Mail

Well it is amazing.  I have finished Penny's 6 1/2" blocks on time.  They are due by 15th December, so heaps of time, though being Xmas and all, they may take that long to get there.

This month the block we had to make was my choosing and I choose The Little Cedar Tree from Quilters Cache.  Penny likes her blocks to be all the same.  Will be in the mail tomorrow.

On Friday I opened my large mailbox and not only there my Xmas Present sitting in there from my mum, and  some material from the Fabric Shack (my fav online store), but two books I am itching to read. First up is the new Vampire Diaries book 
The Vampire Diaries The Hunter Vol.1:Phantom

Phantom kicks off the new Vampire Diaries series arc, The Hunters. Will Damon stay dead forever? What will Fell's Church be like, now that Elena and her friends can finally return home? And with Damon out of the picture, will things finally go back to normal between Stefan and Elena?

The other book I got was 
Stefan's Diaries Vol. 4: The Ripper

Stefan Salvatore thought he could escape his violent origins in the peaceful countryside of England, but when a murderous " Ripper" known as Jack surfaces, Stefan fears darkness will always follow him. Drawn into the investigation, Stefan assumes the worst: this is the work of a vampire. And the more he learns, the more he becomes convinced that the killer is someone close to him—and that he can never outrun his past.

So looking forward to read these. Have just finished reading The Secret Circle books by L. J. Smith and thoroughly enjoyed these too.

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